Qualitative research services for policy, communications and business teams

Delivering insight for strategy, innovation and development
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Overwhelmed by qualitative data?

Not everyone enjoys working with qualitative data – they can find it overwhelming. In the same way, not everyone is comfortable reviewing evidence and writing strong evidence based content for expert audiences.

I love it.

When your data sets are large and your deadlines tight, I will:

  • Provide high quality services so you can meet your clients’ expectations.
  • Turn raw data into meaningful and actionable insights and recommendations.
  • Develop strategy, solve problems, describe implementation and assess impact.

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Get the evidence and insight you need

I can provide the evidence and insight you need for your

  • reports
  • strategies
  • academic papers
  • policy briefings
  • communications planning

I also produce evidence based content, so can write backgrounds, media packs, blog posts and policy briefs from data or from secondary sources.

Qualitative analysis for communication and research teams

You need to produce compelling, evidence-based content to

  • make the case for an issue, innovation or improvement
  • develop a policy

… but you haven’t the time or resources to undertake qualitative research – or the right skills in-house for a specific project team.

As an independent, I work on projects of all sizes, from scoping out ideas to collaborating on evaluation programmes.

I offer analysis services to larger teams working with large data sets to provide insight quickly and accurately.